Sunday, August 26, 2012

Indie Polish Designers!
I'm constantly updating this list to give you a super-mega high-octane Indie list!
The ones I have in bold, I have used in the past. I will be going through here in the next few days looking to see if the links still work and what not. If you know of any designers that need to be on this list, please let me know ASAP. 

Along with the names there will be letters after them. Here's what they mean:
HP- High Price
MP- Medium Priced
LP- Low Priced
NM- No Mini's
M- Mini's Available
OM- Only Mini's Available
HTF- Hard to Find (Doesn't Stock Often)

Also, it's come to my attention that I need to clarify how I come to the conclusions with my classifications, so here is what I think:
Low Priced- Up to $6.99
Mid Priced- $7-$10.99
High Priced- $11 and up.

10 & 10 Nail Lacquer- MP, NM
365 Lacquer- MP, NM
6Harts Craft Company- MP, NM
926Lacquer- MP, NM

AA Polish- MP, NM
Conjured- MP, NM

DD Nail Lacquer- MP, M
Daring Digits- LP, M (closed)
Kunimitsu- MP, M
Krucial Cosmetics- MP, NM

Lacquer Lush- M, MP
Lacquer Lust- LP-MP, NM
Lacquer Queen Polish- HP, NM
Lacquistry- MP, NM
Laquered Up- MP, M
Lauriels Nails Etc- MP, NM
Leesha's Lacquer- MP, M
Let It Glitter- MP, NM
LevelUp Lacquers (Formerly Daring Digits)- MP, NM
Lexi's Glitz & Glam- MP, NM
L.I. Polish- MP, M
Limitless Lacquer- MP, M
Liquid Kandi- MP, NM
Liquid Sky Lacquer- MP, HP, NM
Literary Lacquer- MP, NM
Lit Lacquer- NM, MP
Little Dirty Secrets- HP, NM (collections only)
Loaded Lacquer- MP, NM
Lolita Lacquer- LP, NM
Lone Star Lacquer- LP, NM
Luckey Lacquer- MP, M
Lucky Lacquer- LP, NM
Luxe Lacquer- HP, NM
LynBDesigns- MP, NM
Lynx Lacquer- LP, NM
Lyrical Lacquer- MP, NM

Mandyland Polish- MP, NM
MDJCreations- MP, M
Melange Polish- MP, M
MegPolish- MP, NM
Mermaid Medium- MP, NM
Messy Jessi Lacquer- MP, NM
MiAmore Polish- MP, M
Midwest Lacquer- MP, M
Miguelito Nail Polish- MP, NM
Mint- HP, NM
Novel Nail Polish- LP, M

Onyxx- LP, NM
Ooh La Lacquer- MP, NM
Oopsie Daisies Nails- MP, NM

Rawr Nails- HP, NM
Red Dog Designs- MP,NM
Reverie Nail Lacquer- MP, NM
Rica- MP, NM
Rock Lacquer- MP, NM
Roar Nails- MP, NM
Royal By Nature- MP, NM
Royal Lacquer- MP, NM
Roxx Polish- HP, NM
Ruby White Tips- MP, NM

Sassy Cats Lacquer- MP, NM
Savvy Naturalista- MP, NM
Scents and Glitter by K- LP, NM
Sea Lore- MP, M
Starrily- LP, M
Sweet Heart Polish- MP, M

Takko Lacquer- HP, NM

Wacie Nail Co.- MP, NM
Weekend Nailz- LP, NM
WonderBeauty- LP, M


Yeunger Moxey- MP, NM
Ysadora Lacquers- MP, M
Yume Lacquer- MP, NM


If there are any that I have left out, please feel free to comment below and tell me! All of these links are current, so if by any chance you find one that isn't, please let me know again! 


  1. CVarnish now carries minies ;-)
    Great list some really great indie polish makers!

  2. Wow..what a great list!! There is another one that I know of: You Polish (formerly Makeup Your Face). Here is her site: I don't believe she has minis, and these are not super expensive! :) I hope this helps!